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Hell & Heaven Metal Fest 2014 Official Statement

Hell & Heaven Metal Fest 2014 Official Statement:

To all metal fans, metal bands, followers press and social media, it is very sad to inform you that the HELL & HEAVEN METAL FEST 2014, that was planned to do on TEXCOCO FAIR on march 15Th and 16Th 2014 was canceled by ESTADO DE MÉXICO (STATE GOVERNMENT) after beeing supported by local government of TEXCOCO.

The reasons of this determinant cancellation by the ESTATE GOVERNMENT which strangely spread immediately to the federal level , were for unknown fundamental matters that make clear that this decision goes beyond the reasons the State Government presented.

Still we thank all the state and municipal governments who expressed their total support and interest to make this festival in their own entities

With sadness and disappointment we realize that having relationships and interests at the highest levels has more relevance than generating opportunities for emergent projects and building healthy competition whose sole purpose is to bring quality international shows to our country.

We greatly appreciate the full support of all who were always with us and sent us words of encouragement , metal fans , groups, agencies , media and sponsors

The Festival Production did make its best to get this festival come true , unfortunately we’ve been victims of strong politics interests, that goes beyond cultural matters .

Reimbursement tickets information , will be released as son as possible in the official festivals website and

Finally, HELL & HEAVEN METAL FEST 2014 will not take place on march 15Th and 16Th… However we´re looking to reschedule bands and dates and as soon as we can We will announce how and where the festival will take place.

It doesn’t matter how much intolerance exist , the metal will not be silenced ! We stand with the support of the entire metal community because THE HELL AND HEAVEN METAL FEST is for all…

Heaven & Hell Metal Fest 2014

Testament confirmed for Heaven & Hell Metal Fest 2014 – For info and tickets visit:

Heaven and Hell Metal Fest

Chuck Billy’s Message to fans in Mexico

Hey Mexico!!!

Chuck Billy has a special message for you – save these two dates, May 17th and May 18th – He will tell you why:


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