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Testament’s Chuck Billy to guest on the Full Metal Jackie Show this weekend

Chuck Billy will be a guest on the Full Metal Jackie radio show this weekend! To find a rock station near you airing the show, go to this link:

Armand Butts Crump III Memorial Fund

Armand Butts Crump III was Slayer guitarist Kerry King’s longtime guitar tech who sadly passed away on March 31st. Armand was a wonderful, fun-loving person who touched many hearts and will be remembered fondly. Testament had the pleasure of working with him on the band’s last trip to South America in 2011. Armand was a close friend of Chuck and Tiffany Billy. Testament and The Billys send their love and condolences to his family and fiancée, Cassandra.

There has been a memorial fund established in Armand’s name. Please help with what you can!

Armand Butts Crump III Memorial Fund

Armand Butts Crump III

The Billys, Armand and Cassandra

Wolfson Motorsports – Congratulations!

This is the ‘Wolfson Motorsports’ team which Testament is a proud sponsor of – Paul is also one of Chuck Billy’s childhood friends. They’ve done really well this season, and we’d like to congratulate them – you guys kick ass!!!

Wolfson Motorsports

Eric Peterson and Stephen ‘Stef’ Carpenter

Eric Peterson with Deftones guitarist Stephen ‘Stef’ Carpenter backstage after there Club Nokia gig in Los Angeles on tonight.

Eric Peterson and Stef Carpenter


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