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"Dark Roots of Earth"
Dark Roots of Earth

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Testament confirmed for Rock Hard Festival

Testament is confirmed for the Rock Hard Festival 2014 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany on June 8th, 2014.

For more info please go to this link:

Rock Hard Fest 2014

Cinco de Mayo Sangre Nativa Tee and Limited Edition 7” Bundle

Cinco de Mayo Sale!!!

This limited edition bundle (50 ONLY) includes the Sangre Nativa T-Shirt and 7″ Native Blood Single.

Track Listing:
Side A: Native Blood
Side B: Sangre Nativa

You can order it at this link: Cinco de Mayo Bundle

Cinco de Mayo bundle

For Testament Official Merchandise, click the link below:

Testament Official Merch @ HIFI 24/7

New T-Shirt Design: The Maiden

NEW Testament T-Shirt Design “The Maiden”

You can order it at this link: The Maiden T-Shirt

The Maiden t-shirt

Testament Official Merch @ Hifi24/7



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