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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Testament VIP Photo Gallery 2

Testament VIP 2011 Photo Gallery 2

Wolfson Motorsports – Congratulations!

This is the ‘Wolfson Motorsports’ team which Testament is a proud sponsor of – Paul is also one of Chuck Billy’s childhood friends. They’ve done really well this season, and we’d like to congratulate them – you guys kick ass!!!

Wolfson Motorsports

Testament’s Chuck Billy on The Metal Magdalene w/ Jet, 11/08 @ 9pm, EST

Listen to Testament’s Chuck Billy on The Metal Magdalene with Jet, Tuesday, November 8th at 9pm, EST on

Chuck Billy on Metal Messiah Radio flyer

Testament Tour Diary 2011 – Photos

11/06/11 – The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD:

The Fillmore - Silver Spring, MD

10/26/11 – Chuck Billy’s day off on the golf course:

Chuck Billy on the golf course

Testament Tour Diary 2011 – Videos

11/06/11 – Sound check videos from The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD with Eric and Greg



10/17/11 – Chuck and Eric check in from the road on a day off
at the shooting range for some target practice.

Eric Peterson target practice:

Chuck Billy target practice:


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The Chief

The Chief


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