OCTOBER 30, 2002


OCTOBER 28, 2002

Congrats go out to TOMMY MERRY who will be the opening act, with TESTAMENT headlining on Billy Steel's METAL ZONE SIDE-STAGE at BONE BASH III, on Saturday, November 2nd at the Chronicle Pavilion.

OCTOBER 04, 2002

We'd like to thank Billy Steel for all his support and help. He's been a true friend and an asset to the metal scene here in the Bay Area. The Bone Bash III will be an exciting, not to mention historical event, as this is the first time in 2 years that the mighty TESTAMENT will be performing since Chuck was diagnosed with cancer.

Regarding the bands competing for the opening spot:
The frustration over the "online poll" is understandable, but it's NOT Billy's fault. The way the contest is being run is out of his hands. He is quite aware that there may be some 'unethical tactics' going on (remember the past presidential election?!), but he's assured us that the band who wins, will win fairly, by the FANS' VOTES, period.

If you haven't voted yet... there are some soundfiles posted on the poll page on The Bone website to help you make your decision: Billy Steel's Poll Page

Thanks again, Billy :)!

SEPTEMBER 25, 2002

Every Thursday night @ 10:00pm from now until Bone Bash III, the Classic CD Side that rocks will feature a TESTAMENT album that Billy Steel will play straight through! So keep your radios tuned to 107.7 THE BONE.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2002

It's official!!! TESTAMENT will be the headliners on Billy Steel's METAL ZONE SIDE-STAGE at BONE BASH III, featuring Journey, Joe Satriani, Y&T and Montrose, on Saturday, November 2nd at the Chronicle Pavilion. Doors open at 3:30pm. Get your tickets soon - click the flyer below for event/ticket info:

BB3 flyer

More info on BONE BASH III can be found at THE BONE website:

Chuck, Eric and Steve (Smyth) made a radio appearance last night on 107.7 THE BONE, "Metal Zone" with Billy Steel to announce the exciting news. This will be TESTAMENT's first performance in two years! Here are some photos of the guys in the studio:

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Chuck and Eric in the studio for the surprise announcement. Billy Steel reacts to caller's correct guess - he wins free BB3 tix! Chuck salutes Billy Steel, Defender of Metal in the Bay Area. Steve takes a refreshment break.

Billy discusses the return of Testament at BONE BASH III. Eric shares his enthusiam as Chuck looks on. Chuck, healthy and strong, ready to kick ass on stage! Eric smiles as his brother speaks.

The hair growing contest begins... who will win? Hmmm... what do you think? Stay tuned to find out! Billy Steel - great friend and supporter of the METAL cause!

Hope to see all you TESTAMENT FANS at BONE BASH III!


Chronicle Pavilion, Concord, CA

Photos: Testament Legions

Photo: Tommy Merry